Thursday, April 6, 2017

Peel-and-Stick Instant Vinyl Film Appliance Wrap vs. Magnetic Covers

If you've been thinking about an appliance cover to give your refrigerator or dishwasher a makeover, there are some important things you need to consider. How long will the covering last? Is it easy to apply? Does it make your appliance look great while also affording protection? Choosing peel-and-stick appliance covers might be less expensive, but it's a choice that can leave you disappointed in the long run.

Magnetic Appliance Skins Vs. Faux Appliance Film

There are two basic choices when it comes to appliance skins. The preferred application is a magnetic cover like those offered by Best Appliance Skins. The less favorable option is a vinyl, peel-and-stick cover. While you may spend less on vinyl applications initially, these skins present multiple issues that will cause you to replace them more often.

Appliance film can be difficult to install. It often bubbles and leaves pockets of air beneath the surface. These bubbles break down the skin's adhesion, and the covering soon begins to curl or slip. Additionally, removing the skin for occasional cleaning is virtually impossible. It cannot be replaced precisely and the wrap may crinkle.

A magnetic appliance skin uses its magnetic surface to perfectly match the contour of your appliance. It is more forgiving during installation and can be easily adjusted without destroying the entire skin. Magnetic skins are also far easier to clean. Simply wipe them down with a mild cleaning solution and they will retain their sharp appearance for a long time.

What No One Will Tell You About Vinyl Appliance Covers

Ask yourself this simple question: Where are your appliances located? In the kitchen, of course. What no one tells you about peel-and-stick vinyl covers is that they are ill-equipped to deal with the kitchen environment.

For starters, vinyl dishwasher covers perform poorly when exposed to water and heat. As soon as the dryer kicks on in your dishwasher, the heat generated can cause the vinyl cover to bubble and slip. The reason for this is that heat causes air to expand. That means the bubbles that were present when you tried to install the vinyl cover will get bigger and compromise the skin.

That's just the beginning of the potential problems. When the bubbles expand and create openings along the edges of the vinyl, water can find its way beneath the skin into the air pockets. The result is a smelly, mildewed mess that can also harbor bacteria – in your kitchen!

Vinyl refrigerator wrap kits also present similar problems. Because a fridge is often located close to cooking areas, cooking residue can manage to get beneath the vinyl skin and affect the integrity of the cover.

The solution to all of these issues is to select a magnetic appliance skin like those offered by Best Appliance Skins. Yes, you will spend a little bit more, but the value comes in how long your new skin will last. You also have more choices when it comes to colors and designs.


  1. How do you place the magnets around the handles on the doors of a refrigerator?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Fridge handles can usually be removed so that you can position the skin, then reattach the handles or

    leave handles off and use the door to pull open. Many customers choose the no handle option. In some cases,

    when handles cannot be removed, you may have to cut around where the handle attaches.

  4. Also some of our customers will tape off handles and shoot them with a light coat of spray paint.

    A color of their choice obviously. It is another great way to customize the fridge and the handles on the fridge.

  5. Does the magnetic material wrap around the side edges of the door? My GE French door refrigerator has curved edges

    1. The magnetic skins are rolled up and shipped in a tube, as one whole sheet.

      That gives you an idea of the flexibility of the skin.

      The skin will hug gradual curves but, not sharp edges or 90 degree angles because you would have to bend the skin and it would damage it.

      In some cases,
      If there are strips leftover from cutting the skin from top to bottom, those pieces, if wide enough, can be used for the doors edges.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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